Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pokemon Episode 253: Beauty is Skin Deep

The gang heads along the road to Blackthorn City. After a while, they notice there's a Dratini sleeping beside a river. Ash scans it on his PokeDex and since it looks alone, he decides to try and get it. But just before Ash could pull out a Pokemon, a Gyarados emerges from the river and shoots a Hydropump. Fortunately, the Gyarados gets a near miss but soon Clair comes in to straighten things out. She places the Dratini in the river and explains that the Dratini is on a journey up the river, and the Gyarados prevents anybody from interfering.

Dratini starts to go up the river, Gyarados and Clair soon follow afterwards. Just before Ash and co. could follow, an old man with a bag over his shoulders comes running towards their direciton. He trips but he seems perky and fine. Ash asks him what's with the big hurry, and explains that he needs to give Clair an important item. It's the Dragon's Fang and it's needed for their destination. While they catch up with Clair, the old man tells them that she's the gym leader, and also she technically wants her Dratini to get a blessing. Since she's the highest respected person around, she can only do it.

Down the river some, Team Rocket relaxes on a couple of beach chairs. James mentions something over ice and things get silent for a while before the Dratini comes by. Jesse finds it cute and decides to try get it. James releases Weezing and calls out the first attack, but before anything could happen, Weezing and the Rockets get washed away by Gyarados. Clair catches up saying they can't have the Dratini, but Jesse retorts back. Finally Clair says that she's the gym learder here, but it doesn't impress Jesse. She sends out Arbok and uses Poison Pin, Gyarados easily sends the Rockets off with another Hydropump.

Ash and co. finally catch up to Clair. The old man talks with Clair for a while, saying he wants to go with her, and besides, he has the Dragon Fang she needs. Dratini goes off and Clair follows without any reply. Up the river some more, they come up to a rocky part of the river, so Clair returns Gyarados. However, the old man pleads with Clair once more, having a little trouble getting over some rocks. Clair simply just says that if he won't slow her down, then she can reconsider.

Up on a cliff, Team Rocket spies on Clair following the Dratini. If they can't get close to it now thanks to Clair, they might try another way of getting close to Dratini.

The Dratini rests for a while so Clair decides to have lunch with the others. All she really has is a bunch of riceballs, but everyone says they're good, real good. During the lunch time, Ash asks Clair after this is all over, that he wants to challenge her. Clair's a little surprised, but Ash shows her his badges. The old man notices Ash has a Glacier Badge and asks if he got it a Mahogany City. Ash nods and the old man tells if he also saw the red Gyarados there. Ash nods again and tells them the whole story about Lance and the red Gyarados.

After a while, an old couple see the Dratini and the woman admires it. The old woman wants to take a picture with the Dratini, but the old man can't seem to find the correct "angle" to shoot it from, also causing a lot of racket. Clair walks up to them, telling them they should be a little more quiet. The old couple ask if they could just see Dratini up close instead, which Clair says yes to. They go up to Dratini for a while and soon a net comes out of the old woman's cane, trapping the Dratini. This soon shows that two are Jesse and James. They climb up on their balloon and head off with Dratini.

With the low visibility from the surrounding forest, Clair jumps up onto a branch and searches for them. Seeing the Rockets' balloon, she quickly tracks them down by jumping from branch to branch. Ash is amazed at this, but the old man tells them to hurry up and follow Clair.

Up in the balloon, Jesse basks in their success of getting Dratini. But after talking a bit too much, the Dratini gets angry and rocks the balloon, causing it to sway all the way down. Clair see's the balloon go down and hurries to the location. The Rockets try to fumble their way out of the balloon while Dratini makes its escape. Jesse finally gets free and stops Dratini from going any further. However, Clair catches up as well as Ash.

The Rockets aren't going to let this Dratini go without a fight. James sends out Weezing to challenge Clair, Clair sends out Gyarados. Weezing uses Toxic but Gyarados easily gets the job done with Hydropump. Seeing a great chance to attack Ash has Pikachu use Thunderbolt. However, Jesse tells Wobbuffet to use Counter (Yes Counter) and the bolt deflects and spreads out. Everyone gets hit. But before a bolt could hit Dratini, Clair gets in the way, protecting it. The Dratini can't stand to see this and soon evolves into Dragonair. Dragonair soon flies up and causes a thunderstorm that shocks the Rockets once more. Ash, as always, checks out Dragonair with his dex.

The Rockets are a little dazed and Jesse starts to complain. How can they get a Dratini now when it evolved, and it's not cute? James points out that it's still good enough for a capture anyway. He tells Weezing to use Toxic once more, but Clair retorts with Gyarados using Hyperbeam. Dragonair gives a finishing touch with Twister and it sends them off flying. Clair thanks the Dragonair for its help, but soon the Dragonair continues on it's journey.

Later that night, the Dragonair finally reached its destination, a small waterfall with a rock formation at the top. This is where Clair has to perform her blessing. The old man unpacks the box with the Dragon's Fang in it and gives it to Clair. Soon Clair is in her battle outfit and begins her prayer. After placing some water upon the fang, the fang starts to glow. Soon the "Dragon Of Light" appears and heads towards the moon, leaving a trail of light.

The blessing is done, and Clair returns the Dragon's Fang to the old man. Clair says that she'll battle him tomorrow at her gym. The next day, Ash goes over to Clair's gym to await the final gym battle.


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